WordPress Self Hosted WordPress on your own Linux Server

In this article we will highlight the advantages of self hosting your wordpress sites on your own linuxserver. Over 27% of all Internet content today comes from WordPress Websites. But do you need a special service like WP-Engine or Page.ly (or others) to host your WordPress?

Performance Boost with nginx

They all say: Yes, you need to! Because you are a noob at server administration. That’s wrong. All you need is an own Server to host your sites. Especally if you are an agency or a small hoster. You can reach almost or just the same performance boost, if you are using the riht technologies. What are this technologies?

Server Perfomance with your own Linux server

Use NGINX rather than Apache2. Ok! But you need more details, what caching system should you use?
Redis or memcached or NGINX FastCGICache? Forget about all this technologies details. You can reach a very good perfomance index with easylinxcontainers.com ready-to-run server.

Astonishing performance on your own linux server

Just get an instance of a linux server and install it. Your perfomance index at pagespeed will be astonishing – and absolutely compareable to wpengine, siteground, page.ly and all the others.

Deploy Multiple WordPress Applications On Ubuntu

WordPress has become one of the most popularly deployed and used web applications the world has ever seen. Thanks to years of constant development, it is now possible to create a nearly endless amount of different websites (or even web-applications) based on WordPress and its available plug-ins and extensions.

More Informations

If you want to get to know more about linux containers here are some links we collected:




and of course Stéphane Graber’s great (work and) website is a great source of informations about Ubuntu’s LXD/LXC work:

LXD 2.0: Introduction to LXD [1/12]


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